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Children of the Grave - Fanmix by crowgirl13
Gee is plotting
Oh, the noises of glee I made when I saw crowgirl13 had claimed my fic for a mix! It is absolutely spectacular and it goes perfectly with the story! The videogame's soundtrack is straight-up metal, and this complements it so very very well! It links to it, yet is unique. I can't stop listening to it, it is FANTABULOUS! Before you read the fic, I recommend listening to at least the first track. It sets the mood nicely. :)

Garden Shears and Broken Bones


In the Hall of the Mountain King               Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross        

Bloody Twins                                                CocoRosie   

Toy Soldier                                                    I:scintilla       

Spellbound                                                   Siouxsie & the Banshees 

5 Ghosts I                                                      Nine Inch Nails       

Dark Entries                                                  Bauhaus                  

Murder Sound                                              Zeromancer 

Wake The Dead                                           The Used      

Notorious                                                       Jesper Kyd   

War Machine                                                AC/DC          

Hell Broke Luce                                           Tom Waits    

Night Of The Lotus Eaters                          Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds        

Beat The Devil's Tattoo                               Black Rebel Motorcycle Club                   

Are You Receiving?                                      Clint Mansell           

Fuel                                                                Metallica

Mysterons                                                      Portishead                

Don't Fear the Reaper                                HIM                            

Black Bullet                                                   Kidneythieves         

Knights Of Cydonia                                     Muse 

Main Title                                                       Steve Jablonsky      


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I am looking forward to giving this a listen, it looks like something I might want to play loudly while I'm out driving.

Yay! It definitely has that driving with the windows down element to it. :) I hope you enjoy it.

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