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Children of the Grave - Art by turlough
Gee is plotting
The amazing turlough made me an absolutely wonderful wallpaper! I squeed and flailed and did a ridiculous dance of joy when I saw it!

Children of the Grave

It is absolutely perfect and I have SO MUCH LOVE for her and her skills and this art! The colors and textures are just amazing and I absolutely adore how the band looks wavery and unreal, which is a feeling I tried to get into the story. It's dark and moody and a little desolate - it suits the fic perfectly. The little detail with the band on the riverbank is my favorite. <3


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Wow - it's impressive! I love the little riverbank scene too. Look forward to reading the story!

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Lovely, as always. ;D I really dig the color palette - it links band and setting together so well.

Thank you so much! I'm so happy with how the colouring turned out.

Gorgeous! I love the layers and the riverbank scenes at the bottom-- so much is going on without it being busy and overwhelming. Very cool.

Thank you so much! I'd lots of fun making it.

Turl is so damn talented that it amazes me. This is so beautiful.

Thank you so much! It was lots of fun making it.

This remains all kinds of fantastic, especially the tiny band & monsters.

That was part of what I was aiming for so I'm very glad to hear you say it!

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