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Ringo sez Bitch PLZ


Travel notes from a wandering mind

My demonic Dean rec list.
Ringo sez Bitch PLZ
Just a collection of links to bring together some of my favorite fics and art. Check back every now and then, I add stuff as I find it.

evil and darkness under the cutCollapse ) fic. Damn, she's cool.

The Power Behind the Throne a drabble. Wouldn't that be cool?

Rattlesnake Smile Not a demon!Dean fic, but the characterization is so perfect I had to put it here. It's exactly how I see Dean in my head.


Hunter Demon Returns 
Has a neat fuzzy, dreamy quality to it. Great background contrast too. 

Six Ways the Demon Won 
Cool photmanips with accompanying ficlets. 

To Reign in Hell 
great artist. This one has an accompanying drabble that gets Dean's destiny perfectly. 

(non-explicit nudity) Amazingly dark and very sensual. I love the tone on this one. 

A Glimpse of Heaven 
three versions of one design. Nice representation of the divide between them if they ended up on opposite sides. 

Dean art 
great drawing  that gets across the charming darkness of demon!Dean. 

another one from digitalwave.    non-explicit nudity. I love the colors here, all black and red/yellow. Awesomely hellish. She has some great stuff, including more demonic!Dean. :D 

Back from Hell has an accompanying ficlet. Short, but nicely creepy. The pic is hot in an awesomely chilling way.  

Wicked Because he is.

Antichrist!Dean 1 and 2 Go bother smallcaps until she writes fic to go with this art!

Raise a Little Hell Makes a great wallpaper! 

The Aftermath On DeviantArt. Awesome visual. (Horns *and* fire? That equals awesome).

Back in Black Also on dA. I so wish this had been the real S4 plot! 

Demon OMG HORNS AND BLOOD SPATTERS YAY! \o/ lol, I'm so twisted. XD

Inferno Another amazing piece by digitalwave. This one's got both brothers, ruling Hell together. 

Children of the Grave Masterpost
Gee is plotting
Title: Children of the Grave
Author: julorean
Band(s): MCR
Pairing(s): Brian/Gerard
Word Count: 22,700
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Violence, cursing, mention of gore. The following are also mentioned but not graphically described: suicide, past addictions, and self-harm.
It turns out fighting zombies in another world is a lot like being on tour. But this tour is affecting them in ways they never expected, and even Brian isn't immune. But together, they might just be able to get home before The Black Parade comes for My Chemical Romance.

Author’s Notes: Crossover with the videogame Brutal Legend, but knowledge of the game isn’t necessary. It’s a really awesome game though, look it up if you like metal!

Many many thanks to my excellent beta thebigmachines! My story’s so much better for her numerous notes and tireless grammar wrangling. Also thanks to vinvyand iron_fist123 for support and encouragement!

And a huge thank you goes to my awesome artist turlough and marvelous mixer crowgirl13, they did fantastic work!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Bonus Materials

Wallpaper by turlough

Garden Shears and Broken Bones by crowgirl13

Children of the Grave - Part 4
Gee is plotting

who walks among the famous living deadCollapse )

Children of the Grave - Part 3
Gee is plotting

there're things that I have doneCollapse )

Children of the Grave - Part 2
Gee is plotting

give the kids a showCollapse )

Children of the Grave - Part 1
Gee is plotting

To un-explain...Collapse )

Children of the Grave - Fanmix by crowgirl13
Gee is plotting
Oh, the noises of glee I made when I saw crowgirl13 had claimed my fic for a mix! It is absolutely spectacular and it goes perfectly with the story! The videogame's soundtrack is straight-up metal, and this complements it so very very well! It links to it, yet is unique. I can't stop listening to it, it is FANTABULOUS! Before you read the fic, I recommend listening to at least the first track. It sets the mood nicely. :)

Garden Shears and Broken Bones


In the Hall of the Mountain King               Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross        

Bloody Twins                                                CocoRosie   

Toy Soldier                                                    I:scintilla       

Spellbound                                                   Siouxsie & the Banshees 

5 Ghosts I                                                      Nine Inch Nails       

Dark Entries                                                  Bauhaus                  

Murder Sound                                              Zeromancer 

Wake The Dead                                           The Used      

Notorious                                                       Jesper Kyd   

War Machine                                                AC/DC          

Hell Broke Luce                                           Tom Waits    

Night Of The Lotus Eaters                          Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds        

Beat The Devil's Tattoo                               Black Rebel Motorcycle Club                   

Are You Receiving?                                      Clint Mansell           

Fuel                                                                Metallica

Mysterons                                                      Portishead                

Don't Fear the Reaper                                HIM                            

Black Bullet                                                   Kidneythieves         

Knights Of Cydonia                                     Muse 

Main Title                                                       Steve Jablonsky      


Children of the Grave - Art by turlough
Gee is plotting
The amazing turlough made me an absolutely wonderful wallpaper! I squeed and flailed and did a ridiculous dance of joy when I saw it!

Children of the Grave

It is absolutely perfect and I have SO MUCH LOVE for her and her skills and this art! The colors and textures are just amazing and I absolutely adore how the band looks wavery and unreal, which is a feeling I tried to get into the story. It's dark and moody and a little desolate - it suits the fic perfectly. The little detail with the band on the riverbank is my favorite. <3


Finally hung out with by BFF today
Ringo sez Bitch PLZ

Goddamn I needed that. Last weekend was just UGH, terrible. I only manage to see my friends like once or twice a month, with our busy schedules. We stuffed ourselves with yummy food and had a very good day indeed.

Anyway, apparently my boyfriend from high school is at her college (she's in grad school now, he's almost done with undergrad apparently, he's taking longer tho, he's just a year yonger and probably changed majors coz he was quite religious last we saw of him. He's majoring in music now, she tells me). 

I was amused coz she said he looks exactly the saaaaame. Like a jewish Frank Iero - he's about the same height and build, lololol. XD :daydreams about his soft hair:

Is it pathetic that I wanna hang out with him again? We did have a good time. And musicians are my weakness. x.x Also I'm lazy, and it's just so much work to go out and meet people. I'd like to know at least one person there if I go out, so I have someone to chat with if it's boring. lol, not like I expect to pick up the relationship again, but I do sorta miss him. Maybe more in a nostalgic way. (nostalgic about his cock, you mean, says this snarky voice in my head).

Okay fine, yeah, I wouldn't mind just fucking him. :| He's pretty damn cute and I would totally molest his face (and other things) if I saw him again.

(no subject)
Gerard - how *you* doin&#39;?
Rung in the New Year in a fancy manner. Wore a pretty red dress, and am now munching on brie and strawberries.

Here's to achieving all my hopes for this year. ^____^

1. Getting into grad school, goddamnit I hope I make it this year!
2. Learning to drive a car. I've had my permit for months, what even.
3. Finding somebody to love :cue Queen!: (Or at least to fuck, haha).
4. Getting better at drums and jamming with people.
5. Writing more fic.