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Children of the Grave Masterpost
Gee is plotting
Title: Children of the Grave
Author: julorean
Band(s): MCR
Pairing(s): Brian/Gerard
Word Count: 22,700
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Violence, cursing, mention of gore. The following are also mentioned but not graphically described: suicide, past addictions, and self-harm.
It turns out fighting zombies in another world is a lot like being on tour. But this tour is affecting them in ways they never expected, and even Brian isn't immune. But together, they might just be able to get home before The Black Parade comes for My Chemical Romance.

Author’s Notes: Crossover with the videogame Brutal Legend, but knowledge of the game isn’t necessary. It’s a really awesome game though, look it up if you like metal!

Many many thanks to my excellent beta thebigmachines! My story’s so much better for her numerous notes and tireless grammar wrangling. Also thanks to vinvyand iron_fist123 for support and encouragement!

And a huge thank you goes to my awesome artist turlough and marvelous mixer crowgirl13, they did fantastic work!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Bonus Materials

Wallpaper by turlough

Garden Shears and Broken Bones by crowgirl13


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