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My demonic Dean rec list.
Ringo sez Bitch PLZ
Just a collection of links to bring together some of my favorite fics and art. Check back every now and then, I add stuff as I find it.


fairly dark and twisty. Beyond everything, they still gravitate towards each other. 

How to Kill Your Grandfather as a Child 
Twisty in a delightful way like those time travel fics. Double the Dean is always awesome. 

no soul to sell 
See above. Yum, dark. 

Climb Into My Arms With Blood on Your Clothes 
Both are evil, plus bonus Bela torture! :D

The Devil You Know Both of them have more to their destinies than they could ever know. Damn, I can't believe I forgot to add this one! Well, it's not quite demon!Dean, but it's very awesome. I'd love to see more of it. 

Soda Blue & Red & Yellow They're both evil. Sort of a sexy slice of life piece - well, their life as leaders of Hell. 

The Way Things Were Author's Summary:
The war is over, and the Demons have won. Sammy's in hiding, and Dean's determined to find him, and bring him back where he belongs. On their side. 
Updated sporadically, but worth tracking.

Me and the Devil Blues I like the style of this. It seems to be developing into a fandom trope, but either way, great work. 

Change for You (Die for Me) Very dark, yet fitting. They can't save each other, so they go down together. 

Fallen Great piece. Just dark and angsty enough to enjoy, but not so much that it's depressing. Link goes to last chapter, links to previous at top of page. 

Damaged People Dark, pretty angsty. They're not so human anymore, but they're still together. That deep bond, it's so true to what they are, surviving in the face of everything else.

The General birthday fic for me written by lady_macbeth. It's totally awesome, I love it!

I Might Lose the Sun Dean gets out, but the reunion is bittersweet.

Possession 'verse Link goes to the latest installment, which has links to the previous stories.

In Heaven's Arms Sexy. And with bonus Castiel!


In the End 
Pre-S2 finale. WIP. Dean dies. But he comes back, and is ready to royally screw with the YED's plans. 

Demon Hunter 
Crossover with Dark Hunter. 

Dealing with the Devil 
Outsider POV of an evil!Dean. Entry also has a link to a great illustration. 

Who's the Bitch Now 
first part of a trilogy (so far). Kinda short, but awesomely twisted. Links to the other 2 parts are...here.

A short sweet drabble that's chillingly possible. 

Rise from the Ashes 
Awesome ficlet based on the linked manip. Great imagery. 

this road is wrapped around me, and i wear it like a chain 
Definitely one of the best ones out there. Kinda misleading at first, but delightful. 

Damaged Goods An amazing jewel in the rough that I recently found on ff.net. AU, but very well written. I feel that this could easily have been a movie or series we know as Supernatural. 

Let it at length have an end The very inclusion of this in a list kinda ruins the ending b/c it's so powerful when unexpected. Still good tho. 

Dead Man's Boots Fricking brilliant AU (after AHBL) that neatly explains the presence of the last bullet in the Colt. This is one way it could've gone, hell, that's how it should've gone. 

Frater, Capio Meus Locus (Brother, I Take My Place) Putting it on the list kinda ruins the suspense, but it's still awesome. Has a sorta myth-like, epic poem quality to it, I think. Now with Wincest-y sequel! :D

Seven Weeks More of a pre-demonicDean fic. I love the concept - other demons know of him, respect him even, and he has options down below. Very cool. 

all the hollow deep of Hell resounded Great drabble by tigriswolf. Just what I wanted - Bela and Dean meeting in Hell, with torture! 

Dancing with the Devil Awesomely dark little drabble that nicely describes the process of becoming demonic. Short, sweet, and delightfully creepy. 

The Man Who Would be King It's really just a "Dean-in-Hell" fic, but it's too hilarious to pass up! 

Hell trembled at the hideous name, and sighed Another bit of brilliance from tigriswolf. I had to write a little more to it, it was so compelling.

Born in Fire Another one that's kinda ruined by being included on the list. Still awesome tho. Has an element of nostalgia, having been written at the tail end of S1.

Hell on Wheels So Sam found a ritual, and now his semi-evil demonic brother is possessing the car. It's incomplete, but maybe she'll write more if you review.

the killer in you has gotten out yep, another tigriswolf
 fic. Damn, she's cool.

The Power Behind the Throne a drabble. Wouldn't that be cool?

Rattlesnake Smile Not a demon!Dean fic, but the characterization is so perfect I had to put it here. It's exactly how I see Dean in my head.


Hunter Demon Returns 
Has a neat fuzzy, dreamy quality to it. Great background contrast too. 

Six Ways the Demon Won 
Cool photmanips with accompanying ficlets. 

To Reign in Hell 
great artist. This one has an accompanying drabble that gets Dean's destiny perfectly. 

(non-explicit nudity) Amazingly dark and very sensual. I love the tone on this one. 

A Glimpse of Heaven 
three versions of one design. Nice representation of the divide between them if they ended up on opposite sides. 

Dean art 
great drawing  that gets across the charming darkness of demon!Dean. 

another one from digitalwave.    non-explicit nudity. I love the colors here, all black and red/yellow. Awesomely hellish. She has some great stuff, including more demonic!Dean. :D 

Back from Hell has an accompanying ficlet. Short, but nicely creepy. The pic is hot in an awesomely chilling way.  

Wicked Because he is.

Antichrist!Dean 1 and 2 Go bother smallcaps until she writes fic to go with this art!

Raise a Little Hell Makes a great wallpaper! 

The Aftermath On DeviantArt. Awesome visual. (Horns *and* fire? That equals awesome).

Back in Black Also on dA. I so wish this had been the real S4 plot! 

Demon OMG HORNS AND BLOOD SPATTERS YAY! \o/ lol, I'm so twisted. XD

Inferno Another amazing piece by digitalwave. This one's got both brothers, ruling Hell together. 

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I'm totally friending you now.

And if I ever get off my ass and create the OEDSG 'Official Evil Dean Support Group,' you will be notified. XD

:D Cool! I would'ne mind being one of his minions. ;)

I read an entry somewhere saying there should be an equivalent group to the sammessiah comm. Lucifer_Dean has a nice ring to it, and also reminds me of the Pink Floyd song (tho that was Lucifer Sam, but that just adds a layer of...something. I think there's a bit of irony in there tho).

Oooh, a big fat YES to that. I made darkdean a while back, but I'm kind of envisioning a free-for-all community (much like in the spirit of capslock_spn.

And another YES to 'lucifer_dean.' Or even something equivalent to 'Lucifer.' Dean_Morningstar? Abaddon_Dean? (Or Abaddean, which is just funny.)

yay, capslock_spn! It would just be one giant orgy, I think, celebrating our lord and master. ;)

Abadon makes me think of Torchwood. :/ Dean_Morningstar has a nice ring to it. I know I'd love it if he was one of the first things I saw in the moring. :D





I am not getting a fic bunny from this. NOT. Tell me you haven't read Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman,' plz.

No, actually. I did recently finish 'Good Omens' tho, so most of my thoughts recently have been something like "Dean=Crowley!!!" or "Dean=Unexpected!(naked!)antichrist!" See, now I have a small bunny as well, in which Jake (from 'Devour') had similar powers as Adam in GO, and changed reality and stuff so he was Dean Winchester, but didn't get rid of all the powers.

Oh my god your wincest recs are so friggin' awesome!

I found I couple didn't even know existed =)

^___^ Glad to know you found some cool new stuff to read! :)

*coughs and surreptitiously dabs at eyes*

I'll save the speech or the schmoopy gushing.

*mems and smiles* More fic! YESSSSSS!

Huh. I'm surprised you haven't commented here yet. I could've sworn you had. Huh. AH well. Enjoy! :D

Holy hell! I so love you right now! I've got a week off... wonder if I'll finish *grins*


Thank you so much! I'm really honored by the recs. :)

This is quite possibly the best fic rec ever! I love bad Dean and I thought I'd pretty much read every decent SPN fic but theres a few here I haven't read yet so plenty to keep me busy. Thanks for posting :)

Hehe, good to see people are still enjoying this, tho it's a few years old already. :) A few links have been deleted or broken, but I most should be intact.

And yes, bad Dean is sooooo good. :3

Hi, since things happened on the show and all, I don't know if you're still reading wincest fanfics especially ones with this theme, but if you are - do you think you will be updating this list? :)

Re: Update to the list?

Alas, I moved on long ago, so no.

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